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How to master the scale & speed of today’s CFO decision-making?

Whether it’s due to disruption or growth, the primary concern of CFOs is to protect the financial viability of the enterprise. How they do this is changing… Today, 60% of traditional finance tasks are automated, 72% of CFOs have a final say on the technology direction of their enterprise and data fluency is fast becoming a core finance skill. Not only that, CFOs are using technology and data to harmonize direction across the C-suite. And they’re driving end-to-end insights through real-time data and models.



Welcome by Ben Roelants
Lieven Bauwens: The three roles of the CFO
Benoit Mennes: Perspectives on the roles of the CFO
Q&A, moderated by Ben Roelants


Guardian, architect, catalyst

Ongoing research on the changing roles and responsibilities of CFOs, surveyed more than 1,300 senior finance executives around the globe and conducted more than 40 qualitative interviews between April and June 2020. The latest Global CFO Research reveals that CFOs are in a strong position to make an impact across the business when they master three emerging roles to achieve the speed that companies now need to drive growth and manage risk.

  1. As economic guardian: Leading a finance function focused on more valuable predictive insights.
  2. As architect of business value: Striving to collaborate across functions and with the entire C-suite to overcome strategic barriers and internal hurdles.
  3. As catalyst of digital strategy: Seeking ways to create value through new business models, data security and ESG.

CFOs who fully embody these new roles and operate effectively at breakthrough speeds can expect to almost double their EBITDA CAGR from 3.8% to 6.9% over the next three years and increase their revenue CAGR from 2.7% to 3.0%, according to our modeling.


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Discuss these findings in more detail and discover the specific actions CFOs should take towards achieving these goals by joining us on April 27 at a Webinar with Lieven Bauwens (Managing Director - Strategy Consulting - CFO & Enterprise Value at Accenture Belgium) and Benoit Mennes (Senior Finance Director EMEA Mid-Sized Markets at Janssen, a pharmaceutical company of Johnson&Johnson), where they are successfully implementing these changes.

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